Cloud Storage Services

aasa aThese days, you can sign up for an online cloud storage and have all your files available to you no matter where you are or which device you are using.

Some cloud storage services are niche, others have specialized in online backup while others shine for their file syncing capabilities.

Due to increase in demand for cloud storage services, many company have emerged each claiming to give quality services to their clients. As a results, many clients are confused on which cloud service to choose.

  1. Google drive

Google drive has only been around for one year but the tool that is uses to safeguard data is one of its kind. It combines tools that were formally known as Google doc (presentations, drawing, docs and spreadsheets) to ensure that your data is stored safely. It also give users an additional of 15GB storage space for extra storage. Another reasons why Google drive is among the best storage cloud services is because it is available in windows, OSX , iOS and android making it useful at your desk or while on the go. With the right plugins, Google drive can even be more powerful than many other cloud storage services.

  1. Amazon cloud drive.

The first thing that normally comes into people mind when they think of amazon and cloud is the amazon elastic compute cloud which is the biggest public cloud service. However, amazon cloud services are not just designed for corporations. Amazon cloud drive gives its users 5GB of free storage. In fact when amazon cloud drive was launched, it was possible to stream live. Amazon cloud drive can be accessed either from windows app (7 and vista only) or from the web. If you have large junk of files that you need to store, amazon could drive offer several tiers of storage ranging from 20 to 1000GB.

  1. Apple Icloud.

Apple Icloud not only gives its users 5GB of free storage, it also enables users to store apps, music, TV shows and books purchased from iTunes as well as photo streams. This app is also compatible with iTunes match which allows users to store their entire music collection even if the music has not been purchased from apple. In addition to that, apple Icloud also allows users to access wireless services such as mobile backup, location awareness and contact synchronization.