Mobile Internet Technology Today

Due to the advent of technology, people’s lives have drastically changed in the recent few years. The way people used to live in the late 90’s is so far much different to the way life is now thanks to Mobile Internet technology today. This technology has changed almost every aspect of our daily leaving; it is now much cheaper and easy to receive and exchange information across the globe by just a click of a button. Imagining life without a mobile phone is almost impossible; this has replaced the fixed telephone lines that were largely in use just before the entry of the new century.

With time, mobile technology has advanced from the former simple two-way pager to a more sophisticated gadget Mobile Internet 01with a lot of applications. The use of mobile technology in internet connectivity today is so huge due to the development of smartphones, these are mobile phones with very advanced operating systems and combines the capabilities of a personal computer as well as other features that are important for a handheld mobile device. Most operations that were only possible in a personal computer can now simply be done by use of internet enabled mobile phones.

Currently, mobile connectivity technology has been advanced as the demand of users has changed with time; this has revolutionized mobile communication framework as a whole. The first internet enabled mobile came into existence in the early 90’s, and this was part of the second generation commonly termed as 2G. With the advancement of technology, this changed with time to more advanced generations with both higher broadband and speed. This means that the exchange of packet data is faster and reliable in other words, it has more capability to send and to receive information. It is also worth noting that due to the change in users’ lifestyles, they need a way of connecting to the world while they are on the move. With Mobile internet technology today, this has been achieved.

Mobile internet technology today has both its advantages as well as disadvantages. On the positive side, some of its importance has been felt in the following perspectives:

Mobile Internet 021. Subscribers can connect very easily.
2. It has enabled real-time communication between users.
3. It has become very cheap and affordable.
4. It has encouraged innovations as well as creativity.

On the other hand, the following are some of the disadvantages of mobile internet technology:

1. Personal information and privacy may be breached especially in social network sites.
2. Addiction especially to social media users.
3. Less human to human contact.