Slow motion idt cameras buying guide

Are you someone who is on the hunt for the best slow motion idt camera and yet do not know how to choose the best one. To help you choose the best slow motion IDT cameras among others, mentioned are some features you need to consider. These features are sufficient to be checked to get hold of the best slow motion idt camera on the market:

Slow motion idt cameras

1. HD Resolutionsadsadsadsa

720p is the bare minimum when it comes to HD cameras, with 1080p being ideal. Anything less than 720p and the pixels starts to have a significant effect on picture fidelity. You may not notice this degradation on the smaller screen of the rear LCD panel or your smart phone, but its effects will be well pronounced on larger screens.

2. Wide-Angle Lens

When it comes to using the best sports camera, it is important to have the field of view of at 90 degrees. If you keep the field of view less than 90 degrees, you stand to miss on something exciting. What could have been an excellent scene would not be that great. This feature plays an important role when it comes to capturing a shot that has a lot of stunts.

3. App Compatibility

The best slow motion idt cameras out there have an app on the Google Play or Apple iTunes store. This allows the cameras to work with smart devices linked up to them via wireless Internet access – always a good idea when you want to remotely monitor the camera’s feed in real-time with the aid of a separate camera operator.

4. Waterproof Case

The manufacturers of the best slow motion idt cameras know how their gadgets will often be used in rugged environments, which is why a waterproof case is one thing that is almost always included in the box. Not only do these protect against water, but also against the sand, dirt, dust, and mud that your camera will inevitably come into contact with.

5. Image Stabilization

Electronic image stabilization is a must-have for the top slow motion idt cameras in the market. They go a long way to ensuring smooth video – especially when you consider how much vibration these digital cameras have to deal with. Firmly mounting the camera helps reduce unnecessary vibration, but the matching software will help eliminate a larger chunk of it while processing the video.

6. External Mesdadasdsadmory

Working with the best idt cameras means working with HD videos – which in turn means that you’ll need a lot of space to store that raw HD footage. Having an external SD card slot that supports at least 32 GB is a must, although 64 GB to 128 GB comes highly recommended if you plan to do Blu Ray quality video at 1080p.

7. Versatile Mounting Straps

While duct tape can help you attach your camera where you want it to, the top slow motion idt cameras use official mounting straps designed to streamline the whole process. This prevents you from having to deal with the muck that comes off of duct tape when you’re not careful peeling it off.