E liquid-The Perfect Solution For Tobacco Free Smoking

Everybody seems to be talking about them, reading about them or even smoking one. Electronic cigarettes have certainly made an impact on the lives of many thousands of smokers who have decided to swap their tobacco for the E liquid (also called e-juice) based alternative. So what is it all about and how does this liquid deliver the same nicotine fix that a standard tobacco based cigarette does?

How it works

Well, it’s a gas! No not in the sixties sense but in the transformation of sdtu356848695liquid to vapor sense. You see the electronic cigarette works by turning this liquid into a vapor that is inhaled just as traditional cigarette smoke would be, and the nicotine hit is still the same because the liquid contains nicotine. Now it is a commonly known fact that nicotine is certainly not without its problems but the E-juice electronic cigarette alternative does away with the main problem in smoking that is tobacco and all the known carcinogens that are associated with it. While no one is claiming that smoking electronic cigarettes is a healthy habit, it is fair to say that it is preferable to smoke one of these devices than to return to standard cigarettes.


Of benefit for those around you is also the fact that while E-juice contains nicotine, none of this is produced when exhaling. It really does sound like a great solution for any smoker who has been eager to give up the smokes but has found losing that nicotine hit almost impossible to bear. Thanks to the E-juice solution we may just be seeing the end of tobacco reliance for millions of people. You probably never thought that one day you would need to recharge a cigarette, but the lithium battery inside an electronic smoke is something that is essential. It is this battery that provides the charge to the atomizer that in turn transforms your the liquid into vapor. The batteries can be charged easily.

6268kdgjhnsfMany people considering switching to electronic cigarettes have probably worried too much about what other people would say. After all, some less informed smokers may see E-juice filled electronic cigarettes as a poor substitute for the real thing, but they would be wrong. In fact, despite being a much safer option, you get a greater flexibility with E-juice cigarettes as you can tailor the flavor to suit your needs. So if you prefer a stronger more tobacco or menthol like flavor, then you can find the balance that suits you best. And let’s not forget the social aspects of being an electronic E-juice smoker.

Safe & Healthy

The public smoking ban banished many people to those cold and wet outside smoking areas while at the pub, restaurant or club. Now you can smoke where you want with an E-liquid electronic cigarette as you are not affected by the ban, and that could mean a more sociable and healthier you in the coming months! Now that’s got to be a result. No more waiting in the rain while your friends are inside in the arm enjoying a drink.